Hoarding intervention strategies

Course Outline

  • Why Talk About Hoarding?    
  • What Hoarding Is & Is Not    
  • How to Approach the People & the Situations  
  •  Tools & Methods   
  • Resources & Connections  
  •  Q&A


During the workshop we will:

-Share about WHY we need to be having conversations about the issue of hoarding. 

-Talk specifically about what hoarding is and some of the misconceptions surrounding this issue. 

-Discuss some different ways and methods of approaching the people in the hoarding situation using the   “Harm Reduction” approach and introducing the concept of a “Safety Day.” 

- Review and discuss a couple of different forms that are useful when determining the safety needs in the situation and using that as a starting point and understanding the leverage needed for change.  

-Share available resources and ways to stay connected when dealing with hoarding situations.  

-Have time for Q&A time as that is often where many good conversations and ah-ha moments occur on this topic.

Learning Outcomes  

-A better understanding of the issue of hoarding.  

-How to utilize the harm reduction and safety day options.  

-Actionable ideas to use right away in these situations.  

-Knowing that you are NOT ALONE and that other people understand this complicated issue.

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Instructor Bio

Tammi Moses is the Chief Encouragement Officer at Homes Are For Living, LLC where she works on the issue of hoarding.  Tammi has presented break-out sessions at the Hoarding Awareness Conference in Tukwila and provides consultations, workshops & on-site assessments for folks dealing with hoarding situations.    

Tammi obtained her BA in Psychology in 2013 from Chapman University-Whidbey Island Campus. She served in the US Navy and spent time onboard the USS Niagara Falls (AFS-3).   

She speaks up on the issue of hoarding due to her lived experience as a #YLITH (Youth Living in the Hoard) and her current experience as the #AKOPTH (Adult Kid of Parents That Hoard). She is currently working with a group called MYCOHP on addressing the needs of minor children currently living in a hoarded home.   

Tammi enjoys getting outside and working in the garden, visiting the beach, going fishing & crabbing, traveling, cooking, reading, writing and spending time with her boyfriend and their dogs.  You can read her blog at